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Were the Trolls of Folklore Really Neanderthals?

Geologically-speaking, Neanderthals haven’t been extinct for that long. Do we—and by “we” I mean people living today, Homo sapiens—retain within our collective unconscious, our group psyche, the memory of when our ancestors interacted with these creatures, the same way we retain a trace of their genes in our DNA? Does that explain all the Bigfoot sightings? Are they a group delusion?

Then again, might some Neanderthals have survived extinction, survived at least for longer than is currently accepted by the experts? In centuries past, when our myths were coalescing, the monsters of the night and of our ancestors’ imaginations being driven back by the first fires of civilization, were there still living Neanderthals to be encountered? It’s sure an intriguing thought. Did the Neanderthal, even after dying out, live on in myth and legend as the Troll of northern European folklore?

And *that* is supposing that there aren’t any Neanderthals or similar “troglodytes” STILL living. And then there’s the whole matter of other-dimensional beings playing their part in shaping our history. If such beings exist—and the evidence is compelling, to say the least—there is no reason to think that they weren’t making their appearances, showing themselves to our early ancestors, the same way they continue to show themselves today.

Which is it, then? Race memory, or far more recent encounters with living specimens?

The answer, I think, is “yes.”

The Evil Cheezman • November 4, 2018

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