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Welcome Winter with THE THING

John Carpenter’s THE THING is the perfect wintertime movie. The snow, the ice, the feeling if isolation it imparts. Conversely, it is the perfect summertime movie as well. The snow, the ice, ideal for when you’re trying to stay cool by thinking cool. But as it is the former season we are soon to welcome–my least favorite of the seasons, the only one of the four I hate–we’ll keep the focus thereon. If you live in New York City, or are willing to commute, there is an opportunity fast approaching for you to see THE THING on the big screen, direct from a 35mm print, just like in the olden days. Bottleneck Gallery is teaming up with The Roxy Cinema at the Roxy Hotel to bring you this one-night-only special event. It will take place on the Winter Solstice, Friday, December 21st. In addition to viewing the movie, patrons will have the opportunity to purchase exclusive new prints from the film.

This idea should catch on. It would make winter an easier pill to swallow for those of us who suffer from seasonal affective disorder. What other movies should get this specialized treatment? FROZEN, for sure (*not* the Disney cartoon). KRAMPUS is a given. Let’s see, other classic (or not so classic) fright flicks that take place in the winter. I’ve got it! 1954s THE SNOW CREATURE!

The Evil Cheezman • December 13, 2018

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