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Welcome back, FANGORIA!

I know you all did what every responsible Horror mark ought to have done this past week, right? You hit your local newsstand or bookstore or the magazine rack at Kroger and grabbed your copy of the new, freshly-returned FANGORIA magazine? (Does Kroger still sell Fangoria? When I was a kid in the glorious 80s, I typically bought my copies of Fango off the rack at the local Kroger. I hope that tradition continues. For this return issue, though, out of convenience, I hit up my local Books-A-Million. Maybe I’ll buy the next issue at Kroger, provided they still carry it.) FANGORIA needs our support, friends. Let us not let it down! Yeah, the price is a little steep, but it’s a freakin’ HUGE quarterly now. It’s worth the money.

I was almost too young for FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND. It ceased publication right about the time I attained an age wherein I could purchase my own magazines with my weekly allowance. For me, FANGORIA was the go-to magazine for all things Horror. I literally grew up reading it. It warms my cold, cold heart to see it return to print. Volume one of the magazine ran from 1979 until 2017. Let’s hope the second volume lasts even longer. Let’s make that happen!

The Evil Cheezman • October 16, 2018

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