Weird Werewolf Wonders: Nine Things You Have to Buy!

silver-bullets1. Silver Bullets – Too bad you have to request them custom made, or make them yourself, –yes, sad but true. Silver bullets are not commercially manufactured, but you can order them from most major ammo companies.

2. Werewolf Hunting & Specimen Kit – The kit includes handwritten notes on anatomy, weaknesses, sightings, experiences, and instructions, among other nifty things, such as silver bullets and protective herbs!

3. Grandma Werewolf Tee – What wardrobe is complete without a t-shirt showing a charming grandma werewolf shopping at the grocery store.

wolfsbane4. Wolf’s Bane & Monk’s Hood – You never know when you’ll need a full supply of all-natural werewolf repellent!

5. Save A Broom, Ride a Werewold Tee – Surely you’re missing out on this wonderfully insinuative t-shirt that declares your desire to “ride a werewolf.”

6. Werewolf Fetus – No collection of werewolf memorabilia is complete without your very own werewolf fetus. Perfect conversation starter; pop it in a specimen jar for the coffee table, or put it on a buffet at your evil aunt’s house… and when the time is right, take the cover off the dish. No better way to deliver heart trauma to your least favorite geriatric relatives.

7. Werewolf Barbie – For the little girl who has a very specific Christmas list.

8. ..and her favorite movie poster!  – And if your favorite little monster has a Barbie Dreamhouse, then her brand new Werewolf Barbie is surely going to need a framed miniature Wolf-Man movie poster!

anatomy9. The Anatomy of a Werewolf – The next time you dissect or game dress a werewolf in a field, you’re going to need to know which parts are keepers, and which parts go to the dogs. So after you saw off your freshly killed werewolf’s head, now you’ll know exactly where the best werewolf steaks can be found!

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