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We Still Love Our Wilderness

Studies like this one are most interesting to me. It postulates that human beings living in the First World like to keep their homes at the temperatures and levels of humidity that most closely approximate the climate of the African Savannah. Specifically, the temperature and low humidity come closest to matching those conditions in western Kenya. This is, according to the theory put forward by scientists, because human beings evolved in that part of the world, and are trying to reproduce the climate there. We want to make our current homes feel like our ancestral home, in other words.

It makes sense, but I find it curious that our preferences in regards to temperature and aridity corresponds to the time when our ancestors became bipedal. Our even more primitive ancestors spent millions of years in trees before that period, and those trees would have been in rainforests. The humidity there would have been much higher, as would the temperatures. It would have felt like a sauna. It wasn’t until we learned to walk on two legs that we left the forests for the grasslands. It seems we, the human race, liked the grasslands better.

The climate of eastern Africa, by the way, has remained relatively unchanged throughout all the eons of human evolution. This gave our ancestors time to get really accustomed to it.

The Evil Cheezman • April 7, 2019

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