We Need an X-Men Movie with Wolfsbane!

I absolutely love the X-Men and I recently had me an X-Men movie marathon – five glorious movies all in a row! After finishing I couldn’t help but wish for more (come on, they’re AWESOME) and I started thinking about all of the other amazing mutants that would be fantastic to see in a live-action movie – like Wolfsbane. Yeah yeah, she’s a mutant not a werewolf. But, in the X-Men universe she’s the closest thing we have to a werewolf.

Wolfsbane’s birth name is Rahne Sinclair and she was a Scottish orphan who was raised by an abusive pastor named Reverend Craig who beat religion into her from an young age. When it was revealed that she was a mutant, Reverend Craig led an angry mob intending to burn her at the stake. Rahne was rescued and later adopted by Moira MacTaggert. Eventually Professor X recruited her and had her become a student at his School for Gifted Youngsters where she joined the original New Mutants. She remained with the team for much of its existence.

Now for the good part, her powers!

Rahne’s can transform into a wolf! However, she is not like a werewolf and is not restricted to their limitations, such as transforming only during the full moon or having a bad reaction to silver. She can transform into either a wolf or a transitional wolf-human by will. She also retains full memory of herself, and therefore has her human consciousness while in her wolf and wolf-like forms.

In full wolf form Wolfsbane has all of the heightened animal senses of a wolf, like improved hearing, sight and smell. But it’s her transitional hybrid form where she experiences much more amazing changes. In this form she is pretty much a human being covered in fur, with sharp teeth and claws. She can stand erect on her legs and retain the use of her hands, but is also able to run and maneuver on all fours like a wolf. In this hybrid form she has loads of incredible abilities, such as:

  • Enhanced Size: Much bigger than her regular human form. Her hybrid wolf-human bones and muscles make Wolfsbane taller and stronger.
  • Enhanced Strength: Stronger than any human man due to her enhanced muscular build.
  • Enhanced Speed: Her muscle increase also makes her much faster.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: She is very flexible and has the agility of an animal.
  • Hyperkeen Senses: Excellent animal senses of sight, smell and hearing combined with human intelligence are heightened further than that of a regular wolf. She can sense infra-red, ultra-violet, heat, pheromones and emotions like fear or lust.

Wolfsbane is definitely one of the most incredible mutants out there. I really wish they would make another live-action movie with her in it. It would be glorious!

What do you guys think?

– Moonlight

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  1. Dude! That would be sooooo wicked if they put her in one of the movies! I wish they would put her in one. I’ve actually thought of that a lot.

  2. Well yeah, I do love her as she is X-Men’s closet person to a werewolf they have and I would love to see a movie showing her in it.

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