We Mourn The Death Of ‘True Blood’s Most Famous Werewolf

The July 6 episode of ‘True Blood’ was a pretty big one for Joe Manganiello’s Alcide Herveaux. To celebrate, check out our gallery of Alcide’s sexiest moments! A whole lot happened in the July 6 ep…

Last night on ‘True Blood’ Alcide was taken out of the picture… permanently.  I have recently heard lots of complaints about Tara’s lack of death, and the flat storyline. Well, after viewing last night’s show, I ask you… have you changed your minds. Do you think this season is going to be one of the best yet, or do you still believe it will be just like the past two seasons which resulted in the end of the show. We wanna know what you think…so leave your comments about the final season of ‘True Blood’ so far.


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hmm, kind of expected his death, & a lackluster final season, as it may have variated from the books, it still has a similar tone & feel. I don’t expect much, in fact the only shining stars in this season for me are pam lafiette & the fellow who played ethan on general hospital.

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