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Watch WolfCop on Netflix!

“Here Comes The Fuzz… “

Yay, it’s on Netflix! We posted this trailer a while back, and I remember saying like, “Okay, so, it looks cheesy but after watching the trailer…” and bla bla bla. I know, but the thing is, I don’t usually get down on werewolf comedy, –I actually find it a bit insulting to the genre like, “Oh yeah, vampires –let’s make a shit-ton of movies about them… and then let’s make a few really derpy movies about werewolves.” I mean, that’s how it seems. Then, like I said earlier, I watched the trailer, and it doesn’t really make fun of werewolves as much as it makes fun of redneck cops.

Sure, there’s bad effects, but that’s balanced out by some pretty gnarly gore scenes, –and yeah, it is a horror comedy that sort of mocks the werewolf genre, –but I can get over that because some parts are legitimately funny. Like, my favorite line from the trailer is, “yeah, but you were drunk, so I knew it was you.” Dude, you know you’re in bad shape when your drunken state basically betrays you even when you’re in wolf-mode. Check it out on Netflix, –I know I will, then report back and tell us what you thought!

source: www.youtube.com

annimi • April 10, 2015

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