Watch the First Four Minutes of Syfy’s Being Human ‘What’s Blood Got to Do With It?’

I have been totally slacking on Being Human news – bad me! So to make it up to you fans of SyFy’s Being Human I bring you the first four minutes of this week’s episode, Being Human“What’s Blood Got to Do With It?,” as well as the promo. Check them both out below.

Episode description for 3.06 – “What’s Blood Got to Do With It?” (airs tonight February 18, 2013, on Syfy)

“Sally runs into her brother and makes a deal with Donna so that he doesn’t die. Josh struggles to “raise” Erin, who is working for Liam and tries to kill Aidan. Aidan remembers when he was first made a vampire.”

First up is the promo for the episode:

Check out the first four minutes below:

“Being Human” stars Sam Witwer (Aidan), Meaghan Rath (Sally), Sam Huntington (Josh), and Kristen Hager (Nora). The new season also features a stellar lineup of new and returning guest stars including: Mark Pellegrino (“Lost,” “Revolution”) as Aidan’s vampire mentor Bishop; Amy Aquino (“Harry’s Law,” “ER”) as Donna, a witch whose supernatural spells are sought out to help find Sally; Xander Berkeley (“Nikita”) as Liam, father of purebred werewolf twins who is intent on locating his missing children; Bobby Campo (Final Destination) as Max, a young mortician who develops a connection with Sally; and Kyle Schmid (“Copper”) returning as Aidan’s vampire protégé/”son” Henry.

Who here is excited about tonight’s episode?

– Moonlight

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