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Watch the First 10 Minutes of Teen Wolf Season 2!

MTV promised Teen Wolf fans that if the Season 2 trailer reached five million views that they would release the first 10 minutes of the upcoming season – and guess what? The trailer got five million views! The first 10 minutes of Season 2 has been released and it’s all kinds of sexy. I am guessing the opening is intending for the ladies seeing how almost every scene features a hot half-naked guy. But worry not guys, there’s some half-naked women as well. Either way, I can’t complain.

The preview starts off with Jackson (Colton Haynes) emerging from the water with his wet jeans painted to his body and what’s left of his tattered t-shirt clinging to that flawless body of his, at least it is flawless until he pulls his shirt to reveal a bite mark that he so desperately wanted last season. I guess we know who one of the new werewolves in town will be.

Meanwhile, Scott (Tyler Posey) is running wildly through the woods with some bats and making super impressive jumps. I am guessing Teen Wolf got a bigger budget because the show looks damn good and the effects look better than the first season. Anyway, we get a flashback of Scott and Allison (Crystal Reed) getting all hot and heavy, which is rudely interrupted by Allison’s werewolf hunting dad putting a gun to Scott’s head.

As for Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), he is at the hospital, sleeping in the most ridiculously uncomfortable position, while Lydia (Holland Roden) is treated. Then… back to more sexy times with Allison and Scott! Then back to naked Lydia. Yeah, MTV is totally heating it up this season.

But enough recap, check it out for yourself:

What did you think? Are you excited for the full episode?

– Moonlight

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moonlight • May 19, 2012

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