werewolf, werewolves and lycans


Welp, it’s out on video, finally. It released the beginning of this month. Netflix tells me there is a “very long wait” for the DVD, so it would seem I’m not the only poor sucker still having to watch his movies on DVD. As I wait not at all patiently for them to ship me the disc, I content myself with reading up on the movie online, and with little nuggets of bloody gold like this latest clip. Check it out if you, like me, have yet to enjoy the film in its entirety.

You know what I’d love to see in the future (besides more WOLFCOP movies, it goes without saying)? Mash-ups! Can you imagine if WOLFCOP encountered the EVIL DEAD? Bonzai! Or how about WOLFCOP versus Freddy Krueger? Drop Wolfcop in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and a good time is guaranteed. The character has the charismatic longevity of Bruce Campbell’s Ash. They could literally do anything with him.

Something else that Wolfcop needs: a rogue’s gallery. Just like any great superhero. And how can anyone deny that Wolfcop is indeed a superhero? He’s a COP. And he’s a werewolf. I mean, come on! What would YOU call him?

The Evil Cheezman • July 31, 2018

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