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Wait, what? There *Is* Going To Be A New CRITTERS Movie?

I just, and I mean *just*, finished typing out an article about the new CRITTERS TV series for Shudder. No sooner had I hit that last period key on the ol’ laptop than news comes in that, in addition to the series rather than in place of it, there is in fact going to be a new CRITTERS movie. In this case, the fans scooped the news sites, as it was a Facebook group that broke the news. Their report does seem legitimate. I petitioned to join the group, since they obviously have insights. (This makes me think of this one time when I went into a grocery store wearing a Batman T-shirt. Christopher Nolan was filming THE DARK KNIGHT at the time. This guy stopped me and started asking me questions about the movie. “With you wearin’ that shirt an’ all, I figger you got insights!” he said to me. I told him Christopher Nolan hadn’t been answering my emails as of late. “Probably just busy,” I said. The guy agreed that was likely the case.)

It seems that a member of the film crew (cinematographer Hein de Vos) posted some behind-the-scenes photographs—and then deleted them, but not before they ended up on ye olde social network. Mayhaps Hein got in trouble? Whatever the case, this is good news for all Critters fans, as it looks like we’ll be seeing plenty of them in the near future.

The Evil Cheezman • March 14, 2019

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