Vote for the Sexiest Werewolf!

Here’s a list of the hottest werewolves we’ve seen in a while; which one is the HOTTEST shapeshifter? You decide!

Alcide Herveaux – As portrayed by the sexy, although not single, Joe Mangianello. Alcide has serious girlfriend issues; Debbie Pelt is a homicidal maniac, and not to mention, a V-junkie. So while she’s single, now that her idiot boyfriend and pack-mate Cooter has died, she’d definitely on the war path. Anyone interested in Alcide has to deal with Debbie, so ladies beware!

Tyler Lockwood – Tyler’s played by the actor Michael Trevino, and he’s definitely a major hottie. But as a werewolf? Now his hotness has increased. But be careful girls, he’s currently got a thing for Caroline, a newborn vampire with a lot going on in her personal life. She’s halfway between Matt and Tyler; old romance or new? Maybe she should just let Tyler stay single, so that some of the other girls can have a chance to ride the lightning.

George Sands – Okay, he might not exactly be a stud, but there’s definitely something cute about George, –and he’s smart, and awkward. He’s like the supernatural version of Michael Cera, except without all the weirdness …Michael Cera looks like a ten year, and he will… forever. George, looks like a grown up. Plus he’s sweet, and sensitive, and always looks out for his girlfriend. And George is a werewolf with crazy awesome roommates. His girlfriend is a werewolf too, so, watch out girls!

‘Laurie’ from Trick ‘r Treat  – And why not? Werewolves can be girls too, and Anna Paquin as a werewolf from Trick’r’Treat was HOT! They introduced as a cute little ‘virgin’ and she then proceeds to become a monster, but in a really sexy way. Plus, they play the best Manson song ever as she eats this poor vampire guy… not so much ‘poor’ seeing as how he’s a perverted murderer type. So while Paquin is hot as the hapless damsel in distress, she’s way hotter as a murderous werewolf.

Jacob Black – Taylor Lautner is hot, yeah, we know. But honestly, there are a ton of other werewolves, and all of them are dead sexy too. Has Jacob Black lost his appeal? Well, maybe not, besides, there’s still hope for him and Renesmee in Breaking Dawn. So if you’ve got a thing for Jacob, you better hurry up and snag him before he imprints on another girl. Because once the Twilight werewolves pick a girl, it’s forever.

Be sure to let us know in the comments, –we need you to decide who the hottest werewolf in for this year. We’ll announce the sexiest werewolf on February 14th… that’s right, it’ll be our big Valentine’s Day special post. We’ll even post a few comments, if you have ’em, –so tell us who is sexiest, and why. We’ll be sure to remember, and post why you think he’s sexiest, and why we think he –or she! is sexiest too!


  1. Don’t forget Lupercalia! The Roman Festival for Wolves that Valentines replaced!

    I shall say Laurie… the guys… ummm… no. If I could have a pick for Josh from Syfy’s Being Human, okay. But it’s more that lost puppy look.

  2. I was almost going to abstain from voting until I read Anna Paquin’s inclusion. I too vote Laurie. not only is Anna extremely hot but it was a cool story and she revelled in the end in her werewolfishness and is not all conflicted or emo like most of the others.

  3. Oooh, Lauri is winning so far. Since I wrote it, does my vote count? If I -could- vote, I’d probably pick George Sands. He’s adorable.

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