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Virtual Reality Werewolves

Video game company Ubisoft is working, through its Women’s Film and Television Fellowship, on a live action movie based on the game “Werewolves Within.” Two women, Mishna Wolff and Tasha Huo, were the inaugural selections for the Fellowship and were given access to Ubisoft’s properties. Appropriately enough, Mishna Wolff ended up working on the script for the proposed “Werewolves Within” film. “[It] kept gnawing at me,” said Wolff in regards to the game. Nicely worded.

I’ve never played Werewolves Within, but it seems the game involves a village wherein one citizen is secretly a werewolf. Players are either one of the citizens or the werewolf; if they are the former, the goal is to find out who is the werewolf; if they are the latter, the goal is to not be found out. Sounds like fun. It also sounds like the game the characters were playing in the 2005 slasher flick CRY_WOLF, which is a real parlor game called “Mafia,” aka “Werewolf.” It sounds so much like it, in fact, that it’s hard to believe the two aren’t connected. In fact, they are, although whether or not “Werewolves Within” is an “adaptation” of the Mafia game or is a blatant rip-off thereof seems to depend on which website you are asking, but since Mafia isn’t copyrighted, apparently, it’s a moot point.

The Evil Cheezman • January 15, 2019

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