Van Helsing Remake Starring Tom Cruise in the Works

No joke, they are actually remaking Van Helsing and Tom Cruise will be playing the starring role as Helsing himself. Seriously, it was actually confirmed earlier this week.

Why do I find this so unbelievable? Because they are remaking the Van Helsing movie that came out in 2004 and starred Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale. Tom Cruise will be playing the exact role Hugh played just a few years ago. It seems so ridiculous to do a remake so quickly after the original.

The original, as every werewolf fan knows, featured one of the greatest looking werewolves in movie history. I have lost count of how many times readers have told me how much they loved the wolf of Van Helsing. On top of awesome werewolves, this flick made 300 million at the box office, so the remake is going to have to go above and beyond to even match the original.

According to E! Online, Universal Pictures will reboot the film with Cruise as the title character. This version will be produced by sci-fi fantasy vets Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who are best known for writing  Star Trek, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Mission: Impossible III and Cowboys and Aliens.

As I have said many times in the past, I am not a fan of the original. I seem to be one of the very few people out there that feels this way, but I honestly hated Van Helsing.  It was way WAY too cheesy and campy. It didn’t help that one moment it was totally serious and the next it’s a campy comedy. That didn’t work for me, it felt off and messy. I hated it. I did, however, love Kate Beckinsale in a corset. That got the flick some sexy bonus points.

While I think it’s ridiculous that they are doing a remake so soon after the original and even though I despise Tom Cruise, I am surprisingly excited for the new Van Helsing. I think it’s mainly because I was so disappointed by the first one and I am hoping the second doesn’t fail so hard.

What do you think of them doing a Van Helsing remake staring Tom Cruise? Do you hope the werewolves in the remake are as awesome as the original?

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  1. Im not rlly excited about this one. I agree that Van Helsing was not that much of a good movie, and I particularly disliked the fact that he got “cured” in the end. But as many other werewolf fans, I also agree those were so far, the best werewolves Ive seen in a movie, so it kind of made up. However, Tom Cruise just doesnt cuts the type for me, dunno might just be me. Who knows I might get surprised, I guess I’ll just wait and see.

  2. I think that these people did not go a minute of time for boredom. They do not know what to do, and the situation on the cinema’s subjects gets worse and worse. Twenty Marvel’s remake of the same superhero etc.. etc..
    Americans, you come to fruit!

    P. S.
    If this lousy remake comes out I just hope to see some female werewolf transformation.
    Tom Cruise, you go home you’re an old man, go get to enjoy your last year of life with your grandchildren if you got, or better still, with your children.

  3. I bought the DVD just because of Beckinsale and somehow even she disappointed me. I knew the movie was a ‘cheese’ fest from the commercials but still thought it might have some entertainment value. I was wrong.

  4. Van Helsing. Awful movie, pacing, and characters, but good CGI. I’d rather have less of that, not more.

    Here’s an idea, Universal: Encourage the companies that make movies that you produce to be more creative, not less. Don’t reboot films like this, which are proven bad because they lack anything good aside from the CGI. Which in itself is more of a cop out to actually making props and costumes.

    To that end, sans the human face, The Wolfman’s costume and make-up job was incredible. Emulate that if you would please.

  5. Universal doesn’t know how to handle their property. The Wolfman was crap; Just mindless gore for gore fans and absolutely no substance whats so ever. The Wolfman movie had a pistol to the temple the moment they tried to remake it.

  6. I hope the werewolf is mostly practical I really hated the fact it was all CGI I have seen better practical made werewolves.

  7. Honestly, I loved the original, but then I go for anything with werewolves in them. Still, Cruise and Co. will have to do a lot to top the first.

  8. I was about nine when the Jackman version came out and somehow just knowing its being remade with someone like Tom Cruse playing the lead is like assault on my childhood.

    I hope this is nipped in the bud before I am further devastated by promos on television. I know the original was cheesy but its was still SOOOO MUCH better than whats available to my generation nowadays. Please remember that.I think many of my friends agree…

    Not everyone my age associates being a fan of werewolves the same as being a Twilight/Vampire Diaries/Teen Wolf–insert other angsty immature garbage here–fan.

    Helsing’s all we have. Hes not perfect…but its not worth the further insult to remake the movie yunno? I mean at least there was the essence of comedy to make up for Helsing’s cheesiness right?

  9. This is absurd. As far as I remember, no one liked Van Helsing. Even so, it’s not even a decade old but they’re still remaking it? Yes, Hollywood is creatively bankrupt, but there are sooooo many other monster books out there. Why remake Van Helsing? It will make people scratch their heads, then shake them.

  10. Remakes. Let’s see, what do those entail: younger characters (usually teenagers), modernized setting (usually high school)…Oh I know! A couple of high school teenage kids that stumble into Van Helsing while he’s monster hunting and become assistants to him! :D

    Shoot me now! >_<

  11. It was chaotic, badly acted movie, but I loved the 19th century fairytale Transylvania and classic monsters, especially the vampire brides. I hope they keep that “period fantasy” angle.

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