Update: New Werewolf Movie ‘Crying Wolf’ Will Be In 3D!

“It’s been a few years since we last had an update in regards to Tony Jopia’s Crying Wolf 3D, but with the passing of time comes an official theatrical trailer…”  

Glad to bring you some updated news on Crying Wolf since it’s been a while since we covered it. This time around, we actually have a trailer for our viewing pleasure. The trailer shows lots of gratuitous blood and nice humor is shown and looking very promising so far and it gains some interest from me for when it’s released, up to now a release date is unannounced. Keep tuned for more info as it comes out. 

So far from what the trailer is inferring is there’s a bunch of kids that like to curse like sailors that just so happen to be night-living beasts of carnage and savagery. I’ll be keeping this bookmarked and my secretly lycanthropic body will be ready for when it comes out. 

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