Upcoming Werewolf Movies

Most of this year and next year’s upcoming werewolf features are low-budget drive-in shockers, –but we don’t count that as a bad thing. But a sad, fuzzy part of the inner me does wish that for once, someone would spend big money on some werewolves. Keep your eyes open for these films, coming soon, and if you have some suggestions, feel free to let us know what we’re missing!

BenightedBenighted ’09 – Benighted is based on the book by Kit Whitfield, featuring a world of those lucky enough to be born werewolves, and those unlucky enough to be born “bareback” (the book’s alternate title). Those who do not become werewolves maintain and regulate lycanthropic activity. The story follows an agent ordered to defend a werewolf who maimed who best friend. When the friend is murdered before the trial, while the suspect is in custody, things get crazy.

wolfman2The Wolf Man ’09 – A big budget tribute to the Wolf Man classic of 1940, featuring such big name actors as Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving, and others. If Benicio is the wolf man, then I’ll be first in line. Benicio is sexy, with a capital SEX! According to the rumors floating around, The Wolf Man should be out any time now, and it even features a scene where the werewolf fights a crocodile. Hmm. Sounds fabulous!

GhoulyBoys-thumb-300x446-13392The Ghouly Boys ’10 – This film we’re promised, will be for the kids. Based on the comic by the same name, The Ghouly Boys will be produced by the execs in charge of Mandate Pictures, which is responsible for some decent films; so someone professional will be handling the movie. The comic, for non-readers, follows a group of kid-reject friends, one of whom is a werewolf.

New Moon ’09 – God is there anyone who doesn’t know what this is yet? Yeah, okay, Jacob and his 0wolf pack turn into werewolves, coming out of the proverbial fur-lined closet in this film, Jacob and his family of werewolves band together, presumably to protect Bella from those nasty vampires, the Cullens, and their Elders in Europe.

growl--posterGrowl ’11 – I saved the best for last! I hope you made it this far down guys, because Growl is supposed to be the main event! According to the posters, Growl will be coming out in 2011. It follows a secret underground MMA fight club that makes its way around the world, testing their abilities against werewolves. Who would win in a fight to the death, werewolves or MMA pros? Looks like we have to wait a while to find out!

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