Upcoming Werewolf Movie: The Girl with the Red Riding Hood

That’s really drawing out the movie title, isn’t it? I can’t help but wonder whether or not this means that someone else might be making some other movie, or already owns the rights, to a ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ movie. Oh well, as it stands, the newest werewolf movie to make its way in to the werewolf genre news, is The Girl with the Red Riding Hood. The story is going to revolve around, well, the obvious, but with new twists, from new perspectives; the usual. I hate to sound dismissive, I’m not, –I’m actually pretty excited about the new take on the old classic, –they’re already casting people, so that means it’s going to happen.

Hopefully, this new werewolf movie gets further than Jack and Diane, –a neverending source of embarrassment and frustration for many genre fans. The Red Riding Hood film has been mistakenly reported as being directed by David Johnson, –wrong! David Johnson, is the screenplay writer, and sure, he sounds like a no-name hack, but he actually wrote the screenplay for one of the best horror movies I saw last year; “Orphan.” That’s another good sign.

The director of the film is actually, Catherine Hardwicke, –which might not actually be such a good sign. She directed the first Twilight movie, which I didn’t really like as much as New Moon anyway. Hardwicke also directed the ‘cult classic’ Thirteen (2003) which opened the eyes of parents all over the world when they finally realized… Oh wait, that’s right, KIDS came out almost ten years before Thirteen, was was a thousand times more shocking and more obvious. Oh well. Anyway, not really looking forward to whatever brutal drudgery Hardwicke plans to bring along.

So far, the cast includes Amanda Seyfriend and Shiloh Fernandez. Seyfriend is this uber-cute little blonde; she played the absolute dingbat in Mean Girls, with Lindsay Lohan, and a big gay guy that Perez Hilton can only ever hope to be as cool as. Fernandez got his big break in Deadgirl (2008), becoming kind of a genre sweetheart when he started turning sympathetic to the plight of the zombie sex slave his friend was screwing in a basement. The supporting role he had in Red (2008) also certainly didn’t hurt his acting career.

Altogether, the cast isn’t exactly A-List, but the rising star status of the two actors cast so far is definitely a good sign. Plus, there’s a love triangle involved, so who knows, maybe werewolves are finally going to win one for the team, –as far as the whole, romance thing goes.


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