Upcoming Werewolf Film ‘Wards Island’ Takes Over Police Headquarters

Another werewolf film is in the works! Woo! The upcoming film, Wards Island, is filming as we speak (or type) in Buffalo. Sadly, news on this project is pretty limited, there’s not even a Facebook page or official website for the film, but luckily Buffalo’s local news team is keeping us up to date on the progress.

According to reports, Buffalo Police Headquarters was overrun by werewolves last week as the second floor police training academy was transformed for some movie making magic. Producer Christopher Ray and director Alexander Yellen scouted out the city over a month ago in attempt to perfect the New York look, which is where the story of the film is set.

Clark said the Buffalo’s classic architecture makes it a perfect stand-in for many European and American cities. He added that the film crew toured the city for locations about a month before filming began here.

In other filming news, two stunt actors recently jumped off the Michigan Avenue Bridge into the Buffalo River. So we know the movie will have action.

As for the story, there’s not much to report. Wards Island is about werewolves invading New York City. No other details have been revealed on what else will go down in the movie, but I guess that one line description covers the basics. Werewolves attack!

I really wish there was more news on Wards Island, other than basic filming information. But either way I am geeked about another werewolf film in the works. How about you? Are you excited about Wards Island?

– Moonlight

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  1. You know, I was hoping someone would one day make a sort of “Assault On Precinct 13” type movie…with werewolves. This might at least be close to what I envisioned.

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