Underworld: Blood Wars – Watch the Trailer, Cross the Fingers

Kate Beckinsale used to be number one on my list of celebrity crushes, and it was all due to the original UNDERWORLD. I’d always though she was lovely, but seeing her in that skintight leather bodysuit portraying a badass vampire babe, that did it for me. A nice addition, some frosting for the cupcake, to watching Ms. Beckinsale on the screen for two hours was that UNDERWORLD was actually a good movie. I went back to the theater for the sequel and also found it entertaining. I never bothered to see the third installment; I’m not sure why. I think I felt like the story had been told by that point, that a sequel was unnecessary. (No, it wasn’t just because Kate Beckinsale wasn’t in that one! Okay, yes, I did eventually see the fourth one, but I found it lackluster compared to the first two, even with Beckinsale back in the title role.)

Played-out franchises can achieve second lives, however, after enough time has passed. But HAS enough time passed? I have to admit that I didn’t feel overwhelmed with giddy anticipation when I learned that a new UNDERWORLD film was being made. My interest just isn’t that high. I will see the film when it comes out—how soon I see it will depend on the reviews it gets from reputable Horror sites. (Note: NEVER consult Rotten Tomatoes where genre films are concerned. NEVER.) I hope to be pleasantly surprised. I’d love to have my passion for UNDERWORLD rekindled. But it’ll take more than Kate in that black bodysuit to do it, I’m afraid.

Check out the trailer for UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS here.

By The Evil Cheezman

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