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Underrated Beasts and Where to Find Them

Let us see if we agree with Den of Geek and their compilation of the “Cinema’s 10 most underrated monsters.” In no particular order, then (actually the order in which they listed them, cuz I’m lazy), they are: Q the Winged Serpent; the aliens of PITCH BLACK; the Kathoga monster from THE RELIC; the Graboids from the TREMORS movies; the alien creature from SPECIES; the cyborg werewolf of PROJECT METALBEAST (Yes! A werewolf!); Rawhead Rex; the mutants of Guillermo Del Toro’s MIMIC; The Golem (from the silent films); and Mothra.

That’s a good list. Except for Mothra. Mothra is not and has never been underrated. She is the most popular of all Toho’s kaiju, second only to Godzilla. All the rest, though? Good choices. I think the Kathoga is the most impressive of the lot. It was designed by Stan Winston, so we need say no more. And if it differed from the descriptions given of the creature in the superior novel of the same name, it differed in all the right ways. The monster is the best thing about that movie, hands down.

As for the cybernetic werewolf in PROJECT METALBEAST, it too is the best thing about *that* movie. Oh, and the beast was played by Kane Hodder. Score!

The Evil Cheezman • May 30, 2019

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