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Do you remember the Werewolf game we’d posted about? Meet Ultimate WerewolfUltimate Werewolf, one of the most popular card games is redesigning their game to give you more, and they want you to be part of it from the beginning.  As you know, I love browsing Kickstarter for interesting werewolf related projects and I was excited when contacted by Bezier Games about this project to sponsor a button on Werewolves.com.  They are starting a Kickstarter campaign for the Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition has new art, new characters, and all new possibilities for game play.


Ultimate Werewolf is played in colleges and high schools, along with parties and conventions. This werewolf game is so much fun and very inclusive. You can have as many as 75 players to as little as 5, no one is left out and unable to play the game. The talented minds behind the game want to improve on its already huge success and release a Deluxe Edition. This redesign changes and expands details about the game while adding new art for the cards and more roles to play.

The Kickstarter campaign starts soon, so enter your email to be notified about the launch. Although the last Kickstarter campaign was a huge success and brought in $15,000 in a mere 3 days, so you probably want to act quickly to be able to capture one of these reward packets for yourself or a friend, or both.

I’m super excited to pick this one up for myself, and maybe a friend who loves this game as much as I do.

The new Deluxe Edition will feature the original artist, Sanjana Baijnath, who will redesign the art in the game. Beizer Games has also commissioned a new artist, by the name of Jade Holt, to design the beautiful backgrounds found on each and every card in the game. They have chosen to update the graphic design of the cards’ overall appearance to give it an up to date look without taking away from the games integrity and beauty. In the conception stage of the original game, the creators wished to make their werewolf game the best out there, and now they are seeking to improve it even more by introducing new players in a newly imagined way.

Each reward will get you a copy of the new Deluxe Edition before its becomes available in stores, which will include the Wolf pack expansion part (more badass werewolves are always better) and your choice of the Artpack available for the campaign levels. As in all Kickstarter campaigns, the rewards increase as funding goals are met.  Some reward tiers allow you to choose from 5 Artpacks all the way up to 16. Let’s help get this incredible game not only off the ground with the original goal of $5000, but hopefully each stretch goal opened and push the game makers to come up with new ones.

Which of the Artpacks do you like best?  Post it in the comments.  Feel free to pick a few and share with us.  I’ll post my favorites in a comment so that it doesn’t influence the results. Click here to see the Artpacks for Ultimate Werewolf.

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