‘Ugly Americans’ Premier Has an Interesting Werewolf Scene

In the new Comedy Central series, Ugly Americans, monsters are just as much a part our society, as say, a huge, glaringly obvious metaphor for illegal immigration, or social commentary themes in cable television shows, or you know, the minorities they represent. Still, social commentary and political probing aside, the new show promises to be a lot of fun, in much the same thread of hilarious animation as the much-loved, much-missed ‘Drawn Together’ from the same network.

In what can only be described as just plain clever, the show hooks us monster fans with its premise of vampires, and werewolves, amongst demons, and various other occult oddities trying to live in the modern world alongside human beings. In one particularly naughty scene during the premier episode of the show, a werewolf is arrested, brought to the station, processed and questioned. A female officer asks if he’s good or evil, –“Good,” he replies. The officer counters, “Okay, Evil, do you walk on two legs or four?” “Two. Four if I’m runnin’, and sometimes five, if you know what I mean. Arooooof.”

Oh my. Well. If you can’t look forward to a cartoon with horny werewolves in it, and pigeon-men flying around Manhattan, crapping on skyscrapers, –then what can you look forward to? We hope to see more werewolves, as soon as possible, in Ugly Americans.

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