Tyler Posey Covering Up His ‘Werewolf Hickey’?

‘Teen Wolf’ star Tyler Posey shares a photo of a kiss you’d never, ever want.

Eww. You’ll have to click through to the source to see it, but don’t worry, it’s totally SFW. Apparently, during filming Teen Wolf season 5, Tyler Posey either got a fake scrape or a real one, while tumbling around on set, or on location, or something. Was he bitten and this is just… makeup, –a made up werewolf hickey fo’ realz?

Or did he fall down and get an ouchy? Dude, I am really good at telling fake blood/fake wounds, from real blood/real wounds. I’m a girl. It’s part of the fun of growing up. I’m going to go with fake, because chances are, there’s at least one medic or something, floating around out there when any action scenes take place. If Tyler Posey had actually hurt himself and there was even a tiny amount of blood, people would come running, disinfect him, and slap a Barbie band-aid on there faster than you can blink. So yeah, this is makeup.

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