Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed Chat About ‘Teen Wolf’

MTV’s new drama Teen Wolf is doing far better than anyone expected, according to the ratings it’s actually the number one show in its time slot. Yeah, it’s raking in millions of viewers each week, which is pretty impressive for a brand new show. So in honor of all the Teen Wolf love I bring you an interview from the show’s leading man and lady – Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed.

In an interview with Collider before the show aired the two castmates dished about the show and shared all sorts of goodies on what’s to come, like the romance between the two characters, the drama that’s coming and much more.

When asked about Allison’s history and the issues that come from it, Crystal replied, “It never is an issue because she doesn’t know about it until the very end, and then it’s a really big issue because she finds out that everybody has been lying to her, when she’s trusted them completely. And then, she’s got to make a choice between her family – which is something that she really honors and is loyal to – and the love of her life.” She added that, “She loves Scott so much, and she’s got to decide, but it never really comes to a head until the end of the season. That’s when all the drama unfolds.”

And that’s not all the drama coming Allison’s way, apparently there’s a bit of a love triangle happening as well.

“Allison becomes really close with Lydia and then Lydia betrays her, too. And, she has a strange attraction to Jackson because she just wants to help him. She knows that there’s something underneath his facade. Underneath this jock, cool guy, there’s something really wrong, and she can sense that and tries to help him. Maybe there’s a little bit of an attraction there, too. We explore that love triangle, but there are a lot of love triangles that happen, with Scott and Lydia, and Jackson and Allison, and Lydia and Stiles,” said Crystal.

Tyler and Crystal then teased fans a bit by revealing the episodes they can’t wait for, the episodes they most want viewers to see.

“Yes, I can’t wait to see Episode 10. When I read it, it was my favorite episode. It’s insane! It’s the coolest episode I read. I’m really excited to see the whole ending, from Episode 10 to Episode 12,” said Tyler.

Crystal on the other hand replied, “I’m excited to see Episode 6. That’s an episode where everybody in our cast really gets a chance to show who their characters are. Jeff has this montage of Scott and Allison and Lydia, and it explains why they tick. That’s my favorite episode. It’s cut together really brilliantly.”

Tyler agreed, “Episode 6 is a good episode. Episode 6 and Episode 10 are my favorite episodes. I can’t wait!”

From the sounds of it there are some big and awesome things coming. How excited are you guys about the upcoming episodes? What do you want to see happen?

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  1. I was hooked on Teen Wolf since the very beginning, This show is a major hit and I love it! I’m looking forward to seeing the episodes they described. Plus this is a major step forward for the wolves in the ongoing battle of Wolf vs. Vamp. We were losing a lot of ground. “Thanks Teen Wolf for putting wolves back on the grid!”

  2. I’m liking it. They’ve manged to find a good balance between humor, drama, romance and suspense which can be a tricky thing, especially in genre stories. I’m glad to hear it’s kicking as in it’s time slot. I hope it hangs around a while.

  3. It’s okay i guess but my main hope is it helps pull more wolfiness into tv and movies by showing werewolves can be popular and handle a series without vampires.

  4. I am not agree with most of you. The script is not sufficient and complex! It is easy to guess and not letting people think much and wonder what is going to happen next! Another thing is the encounter of werewolves & vampires which was started with vampire shows. Each vampire show, in its second season!, contains werewolves portraying them weak and lame and every battle between ’em ends up with absolute victory in favor of vampires!!! I highly suggest to the script-writers to add vampires to the scenario TO regain the reputation of werewolves which was lost in vamp-love shows! any other idea?

    1. No, it’s not original. Werewolves and vampires are’nt even supposed to fight, pop-culture did that. Personally I want a leech-free script.

  5. I can be about 98% sure that everyone here has seen Underworld. I loved the ending in that one, niether side actually won, but the werewolves got what they wanted in the end. I want more of that.

  6. I just hate it when they have love triangles I hope they keep triangles out of it because all supernatural movies so far have triangles; True blood, vampire diaries, twighlight and I recon it recks the show if they spend the whole episodes all jealous!

  7. ive been into the whole werewolves and vampires for a long time actually ever since i started to read bout them in books but this show is an excellent show but like the person about not haveing a love triangle and i enjoy the show and wish yall could play the whole season in one day cuz im tired of waiting and i dont know bout the vampire diaries but true blood is an excellent show i believe so far i know whats goin on but i just begin to watch it this sunday with some freinds but i havent missed any teen wolf but wouldnt it be kinda amazeing if they were real?but the killin part would be kinda weird but my opioin is that i wouldnt mind bein a werewolf there just beautiful majestic creatures but what if the were real?howllllllllllllllll

  8. I really don’t want to see vamps show up in this show. That would just be too cliche for me.It would ruin it because nothing would set it apart from the other teen fantasy shows. I love this show (and Tyler Posey a bit). I think it’s very well made. The balance of action and romance is really good. This is a werewolf show and it should stay a werewolf show.

  9. I think Crystal Reed is sooo pretty, and i love her name buut her first shouuld be somethin like Allison or Haley, but not that crystal is good, i think she would like the other two names so yeahh, no harm done, i love this show yeahh, Lmaoo(:

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