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Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed Chat About ‘Teen Wolf’

MTV’s new drama Teen Wolf is doing far better than anyone expected, according to the ratings it’s actually the number one show in its time slot. Yeah, it’s raking in millions of viewers each week, which is pretty impressive for a brand new show. So in honor of all the Teen Wolf love I bring you an interview from the show’s leading man and lady – Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed.

In an interview with Collider before the show aired the two castmates dished about the show and shared all sorts of goodies on what’s to come, like the romance between the two characters, the drama that’s coming and much more.

When asked about Allison’s history and the issues that come from it, Crystal replied, “It never is an issue because she doesn’t know about it until the very end, and then it’s a really big issue because she finds out that everybody has been lying to her, when she’s trusted them completely. And then, she’s got to make a choice between her family – which is something that she really honors and is loyal to – and the love of her life.” She added that, “She loves Scott so much, and she’s got to decide, but it never really comes to a head until the end of the season. That’s when all the drama unfolds.”

And that’s not all the drama coming Allison’s way, apparently there’s a bit of a love triangle happening as well.

“Allison becomes really close with Lydia and then Lydia betrays her, too. And, she has a strange attraction to Jackson because she just wants to help him. She knows that there’s something underneath his facade. Underneath this jock, cool guy, there’s something really wrong, and she can sense that and tries to help him. Maybe there’s a little bit of an attraction there, too. We explore that love triangle, but there are a lot of love triangles that happen, with Scott and Lydia, and Jackson and Allison, and Lydia and Stiles,” said Crystal.

Tyler and Crystal then teased fans a bit by revealing the episodes they can’t wait for, the episodes they most want viewers to see.

“Yes, I can’t wait to see Episode 10. When I read it, it was my favorite episode. It’s insane! It’s the coolest episode I read. I’m really excited to see the whole ending, from Episode 10 to Episode 12,” said Tyler.

Crystal on the other hand replied, “I’m excited to see Episode 6. That’s an episode where everybody in our cast really gets a chance to show who their characters are. Jeff has this montage of Scott and Allison and Lydia, and it explains why they tick. That’s my favorite episode. It’s cut together really brilliantly.”

Tyler agreed, “Episode 6 is a good episode. Episode 6 and Episode 10 are my favorite episodes. I can’t wait!”

From the sounds of it there are some big and awesome things coming. How excited are you guys about the upcoming episodes? What do you want to see happen?

– Moonlight

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moonlight • June 21, 2011

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