Tyler Lockwood Leaves Mystic Falls; Werewolves Gone for Good?

Somehow I doubt the werewolf action in Mystic Falls has come to a complete stop, but I do think that for now, there’ll be a lot less werewolf business going on. If you don’t keep up with the Vampire Diaries, then here’s the skinny: everyone, vampires, witches, werewolves, –is after Elena. Some vampires want to protect her, like Damon, Stefan, and Caroline, –and others want her dead; Elijah, Klaus, and pretty much any other vampire that can’t afford an enchanted ring to let them go out in sunlight. For some reason, Elena needs to die for this huge curse to be broken: the curse keeps werewolves turning every full moon, and keeps vampires from getting tanned.

For a couple episodes, it’s seemed like the werewolves were making their rounds; first it was vengeance for Mason, then it was taking Tyler Lockwood, and now it’s about making a power play to break the curse.  I say good luck with that, because the Original, Elijah, has the moonstone. Elijah made a deal with Elena; he keeps her friends and family safe, and he gets to sacrifice her to break an ancient curse. Well, this aggravates Stefan and Damon, naturally, but what can they do, short of killing Elijah? And then they’d be giving up their best chance at killing Klaus, because only Elijah is anywhere near as powerful as Klaus.

All this crap is going on, meanwhile, Caroline, fledgling vampire, is just trying to help Tyler Lockwood transition from human to werewolf. He starts to develop a thing for her, but then Jules, she-bitch extradinaire shows up, and brings all these other assholes with her. Jules bites and kills Rose, Damon’s ‘special friend’, and then she gets a bunch of friends together, and they kidnap and almost kill Caroline, in exchange for Tyler Lockwood, wolf cub at large. Well, the shifting interests of these werewolves really do give other werewolves a bad name… seriously, it’s like dragging a string across the carpet. Anyway, in this episode, Jules’ friends all die, namely because, they screwed up and tried to take the moonstone from Elijah. And because they underestimated the power of a really pissed off Elena Gilbert, not to mention, lied to Tyler about killing Elena.

But through it all, Tyler decides to leave with Jules. Which is probably for the… well, probably not for the best, considering she doesn’t chain herself at night. She just pretty much allows herself the opportunity to run wild, maul and tear apart campers, and then kill human policemen. So while maybe Tyler can get a few pointers about the transformation process from Jules, I really don’t see this apprenticeship turning him into a better, more fair guy. But who knows, he’s a good kid for the most part. Maybe he’ll go off and join the baptists, but for now, Tyler Lockwood has driven off the set, and into speculation. We hope he’s back soon, we need someone to rep us in the big VD.

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  1. I wouldn’t interpret too much into it. You know how it is with the series, it’s pretty fast and the stuff keeps changing constantly. To be honest, I wasn’t surprised about S02E14 turning everything around, because basically that was what S01E14 did. So we have 8 Episodes more to go this season and when you look back the last 13 Episodes you see how crazy the whole stuff is :-D.

    So to be honest:
    How knows what will happen in the next 8 episodes? We know the Promos neither tell much nor are actually leading in the right direction. I think it’s safe to say that Trevino will be back (hopefully shirtless :-P), because if not it would surely have filtered through somehow to the fanbase. Apart from that, just wait and see how it goes, maybe Klaus finds a way to break the curse without a doppelgaenger, maybe some other supernatural entity will be introduced, maybe Matt becomes a vampire or Tyler and Jeremy end up humping each other like rabbits (many fans would be very happy about that ;-)). Maybe Bonnie dies (Stefan, Damon and Elena probably not, let’s face it). Maybe the werewolves do break the curse (not likely unless they do kill Elena, so) and it turns out that the change was never voluntarily (good plot stuff actually). We just don’t know.

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