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Two-Toed Tom

Okay, Tom isn’t a werewolf. He’s a monster of a different sort. But I’m going to make an exception this time because Two-Toed Tom, the giant demon alligator of north Florida, happens to share the same home territory as another regional monster, the Two Egg Stump-Jumper, which I also wrote about this week. (Check the headlines. You’ll see it there.) What makes Two-Toed Tom qualify as properly monstrous? For one thing, his size. Eyewitnesses describe him as being between twenty and twenty-five feet. Considering the largest alligator on record measured in at some nineteen feet, these are dinosaur-esque numbers.

Secondarily, Tom displayed uncanny intelligence, not to mention hardiness. He was shot numerous times, but the bullets failed to penetrate his think hide. An attempt to blow him up with dynamite proved unsuccessful, too. And Tom had a propensity for revenge; he sought out and killed the young daughter of the guy who tried to kill him, according to the legends. Though there are those who maintain that Tom is nothing but a myth, there were signs* found in the mud way back in the swamps back in the 80s indicative of a HUGE alligator–along with the telltale two-toed tracks. (Tom had lost several digits on one foot in a trap.) He could still be out there.

*You know how alligators will slide off the bank into the water? They leave “wallows” in the mud. Slide marks.

The Evil Cheezman • September 13, 2018

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