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TWIN PEAKS: The Doppelganger Is Out!

The seventh episode of the third season was the best one yet. The story is starting to pick up speed. Little by little, as symbolized by that guy we all watched sweeping the floor of the Bang Bang Bar at the end of the episode, sweeping all the little, scattered pieces into a pile, the breadcrumbs David Lynch has been dropping for the past five weeks are starting to form a complete picture. Agents Gordon and Albert now know (thanks to Laura Dern’s Diane) that the Agent Cooper being held in jail is not THEIR Agent Cooper–but they found out too late, as the Demon BOB-possessed Cooper doppelganger is now on the loose again. Uh-oh!

We did get to see, if only for a second, the real Agent Cooper in action, disarming the would-be midget murderer while being egged on by the Talking-Brain-On-A-Tree-slash-the-Evolution-of-the-Arm to squeeze the little guy’s hand off. (NOTE: If you are a non TWIN PEAKS fan, aren’t you wishing right about now that you were? I mean, a talking brain on a stick! Come on!) And those notes from Laura Palmer’s diary Hawk found in the men’s room at the police station–did David Lynch know 25 years ago that Leland was hiding them in there? I wouldn’t doubt it.

Really cool to see Doc Hayward (played by the late Warren Frost, father of series co-creator Mark Frost) this week. Cool but a little sad, like watching Albert, played by a sickly-looking Miguel Ferrer, or seeing the Log Lady in the first episode.

What’s the deal with the three missing dog’s legs? And who is “Mr. Strawberry”? Maybe we’ll find out next week. (But I kinda doubt it. And I’m kinda okay with that.)

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The Evil Cheezman • June 29, 2017

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