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TWIN PEAKS Recap: Laura Is The One

Four simple words spoken by the Log Lady (insert sadface emoji here) confirms what we all kinda knew already from the acid-trip episode a couple’a weeks back, when we saw Laura Palmer’s essence materialize from the head of The Giant and go floating out into the ether: There’s something special about Laura. Like, cosmically special. The Log has spoken and so it is gospel.

I wonder if Richard Horne really is the kid of Doppelcoop? Remember the Doctor confirmed that Dopplecoop had gone to the hospital when Audrey was in a coma, after the explosion at the bank. Maybe he took advantage of her condition. Richard is certainly evil enough to be the spawn of Doppelcoop, if not of BOB himself, and it’s practically guaranteed at this point that he’s Audrey’s son. Ben and his wife only had two children, Audrey and her mentally challenged brother. We did find out at the end of season two that Donna was Ben’s illegitimate daughter, but her last name wasn’t Horne. Still, the family COULD have claimed Richard as its own, but who would the father be? Simple, dull James, her boyfriend back in those days? I doubt that. This kid’s got real evil in him.

Now that Cooper is getting attached to Mrs. Dougie, I don’t expect her to last the season. Could her getting killed be what snaps Cooper out of his amnesia?

David Lynch has got me completely conditioned now, ala Pavlov’s pooches. Every time I see the exterior of the Bang-Bang Bar I groan, because I know we’re going to get a music video and then the end credits.

And speaking of the musical performance at the end, didn’t that singer look an awful lot like Audrey? A tease, perhaps?

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The Evil Cheezman • July 17, 2017

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