TWIN PEAKS Recap – 7/23/17

This was without a doubt my favorite episode of the season so far, the most enjoyable and the one that felt the most like “vintage” TWIN PEAKS. It was a delight that over half the episode’s action actually took place in the titular township, or so it seemed, with familiar faces, and faces that have become familiar, dominating the screen time. It’s officially confirmed that Bobby is Becky’s father, that he and Shelley were married. (They may STILL be married, but they certainly aren’t together anymore.) I would never have suspected, after watching the first two seasons, that I’d end up loving Bobby, that he’d end up being a good guy. That scene where the kid in the van accidentally shot off the gun, and Bobby was looking at the irresponsible father and then at the little boy: you just know that he was thinking of himself, remembering how irresponsible HE was as a father, wondering if his daughter ended up the way she did because of him. You could see it all on his face. I felt genuine sympathy for the guy.

The real heartstring-twangin’ moment of the night, though, was when the cherry pie saved Coop’s life, and then almost, almost brought his memory back. When he mumbled “Damn good pie!” I wanted to cheer.

Albert and Gordon now know for certain that something otherworldly is afoot. My best guess, still, as to the identity of the phantasmal Dirty Bearded Men–and I love that these guys now have this handle we can hang on them–other than them being victims of the first atom bomb test? I think Demon BOB may only be one member of an entire race of such beings. If that’s the case–what do they want with our world?

By The Evil Cheezman

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