TWIN PEAKS Episode Recap 8-13-17

I know it seems that every week I write about how things “are all coming together,” and then the next week there’s some Lynchian acid trip that takes us off in an entirely new direction, but this week there really WAS some of that “coming together” of the major storylines. We found out that Diane and Janie are sisters! Why this should be such a huge reveal I’m not sure; probably it’s because it puts Dougie-Coop and the FBI agents who are looking for him (not that they know they are looking for him) that much closer together. The other big occurrence this week had our favorite sheriff and his deputies discover one of those swirling vortexes, which seemingly deposited the eyeless woman (Could she be the blurry creature we saw earlier in the season, in the box in the apartment in New York?). I love that it was Andy who got to experience the encounter with the Giant, or as he is now apparently known, the “Fireman.” (Some connection to “Fire walk with me”, perhaps?)

So Doppel-Coop is a “tulpa,” per Agent Tammy. I’ve written about tulpas before, over at our sister site,, so you should all be familiar with the term. “Something unnatural, like a blue rose, something that doesn’t occur in nature.” Also per Tammy, who is growing on me.

Monica Bellucci has not aged a day. Yowza.

David Bowie! (Sorta!) David Freakin’ Bowie!

We found out what it was that Audrey’s husband Charlie wouldn’t tell her after his phone call, as it was what the two girls at the end of the episode were talking about. (This seems to be a logical conclusion, anyway. But you never really know.)

What part will the kid with the green glove play in this epic?

How did Sarah manage to remove her face and kill that redneck? Is she possessed of a BOB-like entity, too, the way Leland was?

What may have been my favorite part of the episode, though, was when Deputy Asshole got busted. I freakin’ hate that guy!

By The Evil Cheezman

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