TWIN PEAKS Episode Recap 7-30-17

We finally get to see Audrey, and rather than provide us with some answers, it leaves us with more questions than we had before. What’s happened to her, to make her so bitter, and how did she end up married to that dork? IS she Richard’s mother? Is that what the telephone call the dork made was about? Was that the bad news he refused to share with Audrey and with us, the news that Richard had killed a kid and tried to commit murder? And who the hell is this “Billy” that Audrey is looking for? My theory: Remember the guy who was talking to Deputy Andy about the truck, who said “I can’t talk to you here” and promised to meet Andy later, but never showed up? I think THAT is Billy, and I think Richard killed him. We’ll see if I’m right.

My better half pointed out that Richard Horne might be the son of Billy Zane’s character from season 2. I don’t buy it. The kid’s pure evil. He’s GOT to be the spawn of Doppelcoop.

Dougie-Coop got to take the week off, but even without the star of the show, I loved this week’s episode. It was refreshing to see the episode focus on mostly familiar faces.

I was right about the coordinates written on the dead woman’s arm pointing to the town of Twin Peaks.

Just in case there are some of you who might not know it, the “Project Blue Book” referenced by Gordon and Albert in this episode was a real thing. Project Blue Book was the government program charged with investigating UFO activity. Now we know that “Blue Rose” is a continuation of that program.

Everybody remember that next week, TWIN PEAKS will air one hour earlier.

By The Evil Cheezman

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