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TWIN PEAKS – An Itch That Must be Scratched

Now we’re at the top of the hill, starting to roll downhill. The second half of the season has begun. I think I’ve figured out the symbolism of the underarm rash. Is it all really starting to bug you yet? Irritating? And you just can’t stop scratching it? Or else you’re starting to break out, exposure to some allergen is finally starting to manifest in external symptoms. Little by little, piece by piece, the narrative is starting to come together. The agonizingly, tortuously slow pace is a little like a rash, isn’t it? But that feeling of satisfaction one gets when scratching a long-neglected itch, that sense of relief, that’s the same feeling you get, or at least I do, when another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

Doppelganger Coop is actively trying to have Dougie Coop assassinated. Dougie Coop is, in spite of himself and with a little help from visions of the Black Lodge and the Evolution of the Arm (Remember: “The next time you see me, it won’t be me.”), solving crimes. He figured out that one guy at the insurance agency is crooked; he took out Ike the Spike. The three bumbling cop brothers might have figured out a way to identify Dougie Coop, while Hawk, Sheriff Truman, Gordon, and Albert have all figured out now, or are at least suspecting, that there are TWO Agent Coopers.

I now have this sinking suspicion that it’s going to take the entire third season for us to get Agent Cooper back, the entire season for us to get some relief. But I just can’t stop scratching. Can you?

The Evil Cheezman • July 10, 2017

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