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This was the episode I’d been waiting on since I first learned that there was going to be a TV show entitled MYTHICAL BEASTS. If there was any one mythic monster the new Science Channel series would have to cover, de rigueur, it was the werewolf. Did the show live up to its hype for me, then? Was it worth the wait? Yep.

The computer graphics remain basic, yet they are sufficient for this program. And while the episode doesn’t delve drastically deeply (let’s hear it for alliteration!) into either the scientific or the folkloric backgrounds of the werewolf legend, offering a cursory exploration, it’s all entertaining enough for a single installment of an hour-long (counting the commercial breaks) television series. (I did love how they started with prehistory and the concept of animal-human hybrid creatures in general before progressing to the more familiar werewolf of the Middle Ages.) Did I learn anything new? Not really, no. Did I expect to learn anything new? Not really, no. Did I enjoy the rehash of a lot of the stuff I already knew? Absolutely. I think this one should have been a two-parter, though. Granted, I’m a tad biased, but there’s a ton of werewolf lore to sift through that a mere hour (more like 45 minutes, sans those commercials) simply cannot cover.

The Evil Cheezman • December 18, 2018

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