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After disappointing me last week with their examination of the Lizzie Borden case, wherein they relied overly much on pseudoscience and hooey—they quoted from a theory put forward by a BASEBALL STATISTICIAN(!) that says Lizzie couldn’t have been guilty—with this week’s episode show host Pat Spain leans a little too much on the Science and the “logical.” No consideration is made at all of the possibility that the Beast might be something supernatural in origin; the subject is never really mentioned. Spain did, however, bring in a refrigerator repairman to present his identification of the “werewolf” as a gigantic raccoon.

Kidding. But the opinion of a refrigeration expert couldn’t be any more irrelevant to the subject at hand than that of a baseball statistician was to last week’s.

Spain puts forward a legitimate theory, that the Beast could be a black bear suffering from severe mange. Bears are known in that area, and one suffering from such a disease, if it were emaciated, would look nothing like a bear, and especially in the dark. It’s plausible. And bears can even stand and walk on their hind legs. They cannot, however, run on their hind legs, as the Beast has been described as doing, or disappear and “teleport” to another spot a short distance away, as it is also described as doing by one of the eyewitnesses on the show. Granted, the guy never used those exact words, but that does seem to be what he is describing, and some kind of animal appears to do something similar on Spain’s thermal-imaging camera later in the episode, something Spain readily describes as “weird.”

I’m willing to concede that some of the sightings of the Beast could well have been sightings of a sickly bear with mange. SOME of them. Even Pat Spain seems to be hedging his bets, though, as he closes the episode with his confession that he remains unconvinced by his own theory.

The episode is uneven, but enjoyable nonetheless. All werewolf marks should dig it.

The Evil Cheezman • January 20, 2019

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