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For a True Crime junkie like me, it was common knowledge that John Wayne Gacy murdered 33 young men and buried their bodies in the crawlspace under his house. But even I didn’t know that the remains of eight of those victims had never been identified. Never, until now. The development of technology, the ability to map and identify human DNA, now makes it possible to put those final periods on the ends of the final sentences in the story of John Wayne Gacy. Don’t tune into DEADLY LEGACY, the new three-part series on Investigation Discovery, expecting anything salacious or seedy, though. DEADLY LEGACY plays it straight. It’s reverential, respectful, yet hardly clinical or detached. In fact it hits you in all the feels. The focus is more on the surviving family members of those who are believed to have been Gacy’s last victims than it is on the killer himself, or even on his crimes. It plucks at heartstrings rather than nerves.

The debut episode chronicles the effort to identify a young man by the name of, ironically, Bundy, whose family and friends always believed him to have been Gacy’s victim, yet were denied proof for 40 years, right up until the matching of his DNA with the remains of one of those men exhumed from beneath Gacy’s house in Illinois. That would leave seven bodies in those unmarked graves reserved for Gacy victims, though I expect, by the time the final episode in this series airs, that number will have been reduced significantly.

The Evil Cheezman • December 11, 2018

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