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Turnin’ and Howlin’: Micky Neilson takes on THE HOWLING—and a sequel to THE TURNING

A few weeks back I posted my review of the novel THE TURNING by Micky Neilson. NO reason to repeat that review, since you can just click on the link if you want to read it, but suffice it to say it is one of the finest pieces of werewolf fiction I’ve ever been fortunate enough to read. That’s why it’s exciting news that Mr. Neilson is set to roll out a follow-up to that work any day now, a prequel he calls WHISPER LAKE. I’ve been able to get hold of an advanced copy of that work, and I can assure you it’s comparable in terms of quality to THE TURNING, which is to say, it’s damn good. Be on the lookout for this one for sure, mon amigos!

The new novel isn’t the only iron Mr. Neilson has in the fire, though. This week also brings news that he will be writing the forthcoming four-part comic book miniseries THE HOWLING: REVENGE OF THE WEREWOLF QUEEN from Space Goat Publishing! Yes, it’s based on the hit movie THE HOWLING and will be in continuity with it, taking up where the movie left off (and hopefully ignoring the sequels). Look for it in summer 2017. There are also plans to issue a companion board game—why not?—but no word yet on when we might see that.

Personally, I don’t think this Neilson guy has enough to do…

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The Evil Cheezman • December 25, 2016

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