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True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Teases ‘Unbelievable’ Werewolf-Filled Season 5

The past four seasons of True Blood have focused mostly on vampires, obviously, with a few minor werewolf storylines. Those werewolf storylines weren’t all that spectacular since the werewolves in the show tend to be giant pansies ruled by the bloodsuckers. But according to Joe Manganiello, who is better known as the werewolf Alcide, season 5 of the hit show will be packed full of werewolf action. Hurray!

“Oh my god, I can’t f—ing wait,” he gushed in a recent interview. “The fact that they’re basically busy casting an entire new pack of werewolves is unbelievable. There’s going to be like a werewolf show within the show this this year, so I’m like a kid about it!”

Some of the werewolves set to come on board are: late pack leader Marcus’ mother, Annie (played by Dale Dickey), a sexy young she-wolf named Rikki, and a hard-bodied fifty-something named J.D. who sounds suspiciously like Alcide’s never-before-seen father.

“It may not be what you expect,” teases Manganiello of the character, adding, “Alcide’s dad is in [Charlaine Harris’ fifth Sookie novel]. Whether or not he makes an appearance… well, that’s a question for [executive producer] Alan [Ball].”

Knowing True Blood the werewolves will just be one of many MANY storylines going on in season 5. But either way it’s pretty rad that there will be some werewolf action.

As for what season 5 is all about, well, we’re a bit unsure. The show started off following each book – season 1 was book 1, season 2 was book 2…etc. but they have strayed FAR from the books so we don’t really know what’s to come. However, if they do follow book 5 for the fifth season, which is Dead as a Doornail, then the season will be full of were-creatures. In this book, Jason and all the were-creatures in town are being hunted down by a mysterious killer.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

What do you think of more werewolves coming to True Blood? Are you a fan of the show?

– Moonlight

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moonlight • November 19, 2011

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