True Blood’s Joe Manganiello on Alcide

If you thought Sookie Stackhouse had enough trouble with all of the vampires in True Blood, well get ready for more supernatural boy problems! One Tree Hill actor Joe Manganiello joins the cast of True Blood as Alcide Herveaux, a werewolf sent by vampire Eric to protect Sookie as she searches for vampire Bill, who went missing at the end of season two.

“He’s kind of a moral compass on the show,” Joe said of Alcide in a recent interview. “He’s big, he’s strong and he’s protective. He’s a good person.”

Joe continued explaining the new werewolf, “I describe him as a slinky. It’s this coiled piece of metal that when it’s coiled a certain way, it can walk downstairs and do these amazing things. But if you were to try and straighten that slinky out, it would cease to be special. That’s kind of how I see Alcide in a way — he’s this amazing creature trying to live within the confines of human society. It’s a lonely existence.”

In the upcoming third season of True Blood, Alcide joins Sookie and guides her through “an underground society of werewolves” in order to pay back a debt he owes to Eric Northman. Of course we will get to see some sparks fly between Alcide and Sookie (it is sexy True Blood after all), but each of them have their share of romantic drama going on.

“Alcide has a psycho ex-fiancée named Debbie Pelt who’s floating around causing him trouble,” said Joe. “She’s crazy. She’s psychotic. She’s twisted. It’s a fascinating dynamic between her and Alcide. She’s a character on the edge and Alcide’s caught in that spot between letting her go and trying to save her.”

The more I read about Alcide the more excited I get to see him on screen. He sounds like a kickass character, I can only imagine how him and Sookie will get along. What do you guys think?

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