True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Chats About Werewolf Nudity

Joe Manganiello has quite a lot of experience stripping down for his role as Alcide Herveaux on True Blood – and according to him, there’s nothing wrong with that. I, of course, agree, but for totally naughty reasons. I love me some naked werewolves, particularly naked Alcide. But thanks to a recent interview Manganiello did, I am now seeing the nudity in a different, less dirty, way.

“As far as the butt cheeks stuff goes, it just makes sense” Manganiello says in OUT magazine’s March issue, of his regular nudity on HBO’s hit series.

“It’s not gratuitous; it’s realistic,” he says. “If you’re a werewolf and you transform, you lose everything and there are your butt cheeks.”

The actor added that, “The show is a deconstruction of supernatural creatures. It’s not like other werewolf projects where you magically reappear with tiny jean shorts on.”

I guess I never really thought of it that way before. Manganiello is right, the werewolf nudity in True Blood is actually realistic. Most, not all, but most other werewolves on television and in movies do tend to reappear with clothes that magically came out of nowhere. Totally not realistic. Other than True Blood, Being Human also sticks with the realistic nudity. Both the BBC and American versions of the show have shown their werewolves completely nude after a transformation. It makes sense.

So props to True Blood for adding some realism into the mix, some sexy sexy realism.

What are your thoughts on werewolf nudity in entertainment? Do you agree that nudity adds realism, or do you just want them have clothes on at all times?

– Moonlight

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  1. It adds realism think about it, for most werewolves they get to big for their average cloths to even fit and it would be really uncomfortable for huge werewolf to be wearing cloths anyway.

  2. True Bloods wolves aren’t bigger than normal wolves so they basically have to get naked to not get tangled in their clothes.
    However I know one folkloric case where the werewolf in question did transform with clothes on, however his companion had to strip nonetheless. But basically having to be nude is way more common, so yeah True Blood is realistic in that regard.

  3. It may be more realistic but that is not why they have it on True Blood. Being human is less gratuitous so the argument for realism is stronger. We are talking werewolves, vampires etc, so can we really make a strong argument about realism??

  4. Realism? Joe got the role of Alcide just so they take off the his cloths in show. Nobody really cares for werewolves on True Blood; just how much clothes they can shed. Being Human actually writes good stories for werewolves that involve a reasonable amount of nudity.

    1. Hey guys, I wasn’t saying one show is better than the other. I brought up his thoughts on werewolf nudity and I agree with them. Obviously, there is loads of totally gratuitous nudity in True Blood – every human and vampire has stripped down for a sex scene or whatever. But in the case of the werewolves, it actually makes sense, it’s a werewolf thing, not just a sex thing.

      I honestly don’t get why you guys are having a battle of the shows here, I simply noted that both shows have werewolf nudity.

  5. We agree on the matter of realism, but also applies to women. Let us see some naked female werewolf in a while. Transformation and post transformation, thanks. Damn these fags from True Blood and Vampire Diaries …

  6. Yeah it makes sense realism wise, but really it depends on the creator’s wishes (of the werewolf and their respective world), if the clothes are shed or not during the transformation. Sometimes the transformation is more “magical”, like in White Wolf’s Werewolf: The Apocalypse. There, the clothes are “attuned magically”, so that they come back after changing back into human form.

    1. Good point :) I know of other werewolf stories where it’s more magical and the shedding of clothes isn’t necessary.

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