True Blood Werewolf Update!

True Blood is coming back for its third season June 13, and this time around there’s a whole lot of werewolf action.  To get you furry fans pumped up for the upcoming season I bring you all sorts of werewolf-filled True Blood news!

The New Werewolf Cast

Joe Manganiello: Joe has landed the big role of werewolf Alcide! Fans of the novels had been dying to know who would play the sexy Alcide, and man, Alan Ball didn’t disappoint. In the books, Alcide is described as an intelligent good looking man that’s a little rough around the edges, he’s also another possible love interest for Sookie.

Marshall Allman: Allman has been casted as Tommy Mickens, the long-lost brother of shapeshifter Sam Merlotte. I can’t wait to see how the Tommy and Sam storyline plays out.

Vincent Ward: This actor hand also landed a werewolf role. In an interview Ward dished a little on the part, “I play a wolf named Hollis,” he said. “I actually own a wolf bar. I just can’t wait to see it.”

Don Swayze: Don is said to play a werewolf named Gus in several episodes. Unfortunately there still isn’t much known about this character, lame.

But that’s not all the casting news! Katee Sackhoff (24, Battlestar Galactica) was asked to play the pivotal role of werewolf Alcide’s psycho ex, Debbie Pelt. But, she turned it down! Instead she’s going to join the cast of Boston’s Finest, a cop drama, which isn’t half as cool as True Blood. Katee’s reason for not joining True Blood,

“I am a huge fan of True Blood,” Sackhoff explains. “It’s a phenomenal show and [exec producer] Alan Ball is a fucking genius. But I wanted more security than one season of something, so I rolled the dice with [Boston’s Finest].”

Oh well, her loss is Brit Morgan’s gain. Yup, The Middleman’s Brit Morgan has scored the big role of Debbie Pelt!

And that about covers the werewolf casting info. Yay!

But the update doesn‘t end just yet! HBO will be revealing a new collectible True Blood poster will be each week. They’re all leading up to the premiere of True Blood Season 3 on Sunday, June 13th, 2010. One of the most recent posters was for the shapeshifter fans out there, check it out:

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