True Blood Season 4 Updates!

True Blood is back for the fourth season THIS SUNDAY, June 26, and all of the Truebies are going wild with excitement. While True Blood focuses 99% on vampires, there are werewolves in it as well, so the show gets a little love here. However, last season we learned pretty quickly that the werewolves of True Blood are giant pussies and that has turned off a lot of werewolf fans from the show, not all, but a lot. Now, since there are still a few Truebies roaming this wolf-tastic site, I think a quick True Blood update is needed. Lame werewolves or not, we got to give them a little bit of love, right?

Like the last season, this season is packed full of randomness and an assortment of storylines. In Season 4 Sookie has to deal with vampire-hating fairies, evil witches trying to take over Bon Temps, Eric (who now suffers from amnesia), Bill’s lies, and werewolf Alcide. There’s a whole lot going on this season, and while there isn’t too much news on what’s happening with the werewolves, we do know that eventually they become badass. Yes! The werewolves are badasses… later on in the story, much later, possibly next season… yeah… But who knows, maybe they will step up their game this season.

Onwards! HBO has treated the fans of True Blood with a preview of the first episode of Season 4, you can watch the first fairy-filled 6-minutes below!

As you can see, there’s a whole lot of fae action going down in Season 4. Fun times to be had!

The preview above isn’t all HBO has given Truebies, they have also created a bunch of exclusive Facebook goodies for fans to enjoy. All you have to do is head over to the True Blood Facebook page, click “like” and then enjoy all they have to offer. Here’s a look at what they have going on:

If you head over HERE to the Blood Line section of the Facebook page you can sign up to receive a weekly call from a different True Blood cast member all season long. That’s right, you’ll be getting calls (pre-recorded obviously) from the shows characters! The app also allows fans RSVP for Sunday’s premiere.

Over HERE fans are invited to “show their true colors” by applying a Season 4 banner across their profile pages with the official Profile Layout app. You know that bar on your profile that has pictures of you? Well this app replaces those with a True Blood banner.

The “Immortalize Yourself” application allows fans to make an exclusive interactive Season 4 video starring themselves, their friends, and their favorite True Blood characters. You can make your personal video HERE.

HBO is definitely hooking fans up this season, that’s for sure. Here’s hoping the upcoming season isn’t as craptastic as Season 3. Seriously, Season 3 sucked, I so do not want a repeat of that mess.

What do you guys think of the upcoming season? Will you tune into Season 4?

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  1. what do you mean by, “we do know that eventually they become badass?” In the books, the Weres are never “badass”. They always lose to vampires and every supernatural creature in the series. Also, Alan Ball never follows the books to the bone, so we may never see “badass” Weres.

    1. I haven’t read the books, but I hear that later on the werewolves aren’t as lame as they are earlier on.

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