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Triggers in BIRD BOX

The monster in Netflix’s must-see new movie (for those who *can* see it!) must not be seen, else it infects a person’s mind and drives that person to suicide. Some of the suicides are apparently graphic in terms of their depiction. This has led to people on social media platforms issuing warnings to potential viewers who might be sensitive to the subject of suicide that they might want to skip the movie. I would think knowing about the plotline of the movie would be enough to alert folks who might be troubled by the subject matter that they should avoid it, but fortunately we have Facebook and Twitter to save the universe. Still, as much as I might dismiss all the self-important social media warriors of the world, given the seriousness of the subject—suicide—it’s probably better to have extra precautions in place, as the movie does seem to pose a genuine threat to those who’ve been previously traumatized. Much better safe than sorry.

What’s troubling to me is not the movie itself or even the subject matter; it’s the question it makes you ask yourself: what would the monster look like to *you*? You have to think of the most disturbing, traumatic, emotionally wrenching things in your past for source material. I think we’d all rather keep the blindfold on, wouldn’t we?

The Evil Cheezman • January 22, 2019

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