Traveling Around Werewolf Country

I envision myself traveling to a faraway place … perhaps to Monteleone or hell, even Michigan (yes, there have been reports of werewolves running amuck in those parts of the country!). Someday, somehow, I will pack my bags and take a trip to werewolf country.

Maybe I shall recruit Mr. Crazy from Washington, or maybe I’ll go it alone. The first thing I would do is check-in at a funky little bed and breakfast or hunt around for the perfect haunted and humble abode.

I would then map out the most popular werewolf attractions in the area that I was staying. I would be careful not to forget my homemade silver bullets and throwing knives, not to mention rugged hiking boots and a change of clothes. I really want to be prepared to spend as much time as possible outside.

Once I spend a day or two getting familiar with my surroundings, I would set-up some meetings with lycanthropic educators and professors. I would pick their brains on any new happenings in the werewolf community, and get as much information out of them as possible so that someday, I may be a great werewolf enthusiast.

My last days in werewolf country would be spent sleeping-in and hitting-up tourist attractions like nobody’s business. I would even pay for an extra piece of luggage, so that I may return home with a conglomerate of werewolf memorabilia to share with friends and family.

Doesn’t that sound like the most perfect trip?

How would you spend a trip in werewolf country? Share your ideas and interests below!

– Bryce


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