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Tracking the Thylacine

“Decades after the last captive thylacine died, the hunt for the Tasmanian tiger is very much alive.” So begins this linked article. And decades after the last surviving thylacine, aka the Tasmanian Tiger, aka the Tasmanian Wolf, supposedly died, people keep seeing them. These are credible sightings, too. A lot of the time in cases of cryptids, there is a supernatural component. I truly believe Bigfoot is a supernatural entity, as is the Jersey Devil, as is Mothman, as is the Beast of Bray Road. In fact I’d argue that most cryptid sightings involve the supernatural. (And when I say “supernatural” I mean involving some factor that we do not currently understand, something that Science cannot currently explain. Like the ability of a cryptid to seemingly vanish into thin air, for example, or to change shape.)

With the Tazzy Tiger, though, I think this really might be a case of flesh-and-blood animals, believed to be extinct but in fact still alive, hidden in the deep woods awaiting rediscovery and, please God, protection and conservation. The real problem here, if there truly are living thylacines out there, is time. There likely wouldn’t be many of them, perhaps not enough to sustain a population for long. If they are out there right now, today, we’d better hurry up and find them, because they might be extinct again by tomorrow.

The Evil Cheezman • November 10, 2019

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