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Toys toys toys toys toys toys!!!

The New York Toy Fair took place this past weekend, and oh the delightful offerings that were on display! So much awesome stuff that will be coming out this year! Where to start, even? We’re going to be getting a pair of ReAction Figures of TEEN WOLF, one in his basketball uniform and one in his school jacket and sunglasses. NECA will be giving us new figures of the Crooked Man, joining with The Nun as the fledgling offerings in their THE CONJURING line, as well as figures of the killer from NIGHTBREED and the aliens from THEY LIVE. (I’m gonna have to get me one of these!) The Toxic Crusader, which is the cartoon version of the Toxic Avenger from the 1991 series, is getting a He-Man-style figure from Super7. (Gonna have to have this one, too!)

And remember those big retro Halloween candy buckets I reported on last year? I never saw any of them on store shelves, did you? But Super7 assures us that not only will they be available this year, but there will be some new additions to the collection, like the Alien Xenomorph, Skeletor, and The Mummy! Just take my damn money, already. Sheesh.

The Evil Cheezman • February 26, 2019

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