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I can’t stand Todd McFarlane. I find his artwork only “okay,” his, ahem, “writing” skills an unfunny joke, and based on interviews I’ve read, the guy’s just a plain jackass in real life. But he sure does make some nice toys. In fact, I think McFarlane Toys produces the best action figures you can buy. That’s why it’s exciting news that they’re going to be releasing some new STRANGER THINGS figures. Man, check out that detail! I only wish he was doing a new version of the Demogorgon or some of the other creatures.

Funko, though, is my *favorite* toy company. (And they DID release a version of the Demogorgon, which is adorable.) They’re coming out with a new line of IT Pop! figures, including Armless Georgie and Stabbed-Through-The-Head Pennywise! And some Plushies and standard action figures, too! (That Pennywise standard is purdy damn awesome.)

I think the forthcoming figures that have me most excited, though, are the Pale Man from PAN’S LABYRINTH and Captain Blake from John Carpenter’s THE FOG, both from NECA. I’m not sure which one of these I’m most excited to own.

(Special thanks this week to one of my favorite sites, BLOODYDIGUSTING.COM, for providing me with all the toy news I’m sharing. Sa-lute!)

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The Evil Cheezman • March 1, 2018

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