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Tourist killed by Rabid Wolves. In 2017.

Ever wonder how the belief in the werewolf became so prevalent during the Dark Ages and earlier? Take one part the awareness of the dark side of human nature, our own innate beastliness, our instinctual bloodlust. Throw in a time and place, or places, where the threat of being attacked and killed by a wolf was all too real. You knew somebody who’d been eaten by wolves. Or you knew somebody who knew somebody. It happened. It wasn’t uncommon. Throw those two ingredients into a blender and mix. Voila, instant werewolf!

A 62-year-old British woman on vacation in Greece was attacked and killed by rabid wolves. Not in the dim past–unless you count last month as being in the dim past. Wolves today won’t attack humans, usually. They’re afraid of humans. But rabies makes it a whole other matter entirely. And if something like this can happen TODAY, imagine how it was in centuries past, before wolves were largely wiped out and before a cure for rabies had been discovered. I feel sorry for the lady. It’s tragic. I even feel sorry for the wolves. They were sick, dying, and acting out of character in their madness.

The attack was first blamed on a pack of wild dogs, but forensic evidence suggested this wasn’t the case.

The Evil Cheezman • October 3, 2017

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