Top 10 Werewolf Tattoos!

For the past few months the local tattoo shop has practically been a second home to me, so it goes without saying that I am a big ink junkie. While cleaning my fresh tattoo, I started thinking about how popular tattoos are and how popular werewolves are right now, the result of all that hard thinking was me jumping onto the interwebs and doing a search for the best werewolf tattoos.

And here you have it folks, my top ten favorite werewolf tats:
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Tattoo 1
Out of all of the many werewolf tattoos I discovered, this one was hands down my favorite. First off, the tattoo artist did an AMAZING job, I don’t even have the words to describe how impressed I am with their work. Second, major props to the one that got this tattoo – not only did he pick the perfect badass werewolf to immortalize on his flesh, but he also had the guts to get this huge tattoo. If you have any tattoos then you know how the whole healing process is a colossal pain in the ass, so I can only imagine how horrible this one had to be, the guy gets points for that alone.

Tattoo 2
You’ve got blood, fur and a giant full moon – just what a werewolf tat needs. Also, the shading work here is pretty impressive.

Tattoo 3
Another one of the coolest werewolf tattoos out there. Instead of going with the overdone, big, growling werewolf tattoo, this guy went with something a little more original. I love it!

Tattoo 4
Like the first one, the magnitude of this tattoo instantly amazes me. It’s also a beautiful work of art –  the design, the colors, the blending and shading. It’s incredible.

Tattoo 5
I don’t even need to say anything about this one, it’s just kickass.

Tattoo 6
Another massive colored tattoo that instantly caught my eye. I have seen this picture all over the net, but never on skin before. It rocks.

Tattoo 7
Ahhh I am so in love with this tattoo! You’ve got bloody claws, ripping flesh, and fur – awesome!

Tattoo 8
Every time I see a tattoo like this I am floored by the skill of the artist. But besides that, this is one of the few manly looking werewolf tattoos I have seen, which earns it points. The whole scene itself is pretty rad.

Tattoo 9
More ripping flesh! At least half of the werewolf tattoos I have seen involved ripping skin like this, but out of all of them this is one of the better ones.

Tattoo 10
Ok ok, I know this is werewolves only, but come on! This tattoo is in-fucking-credible! Werewolves and vampire immortalized together in one perfect mixture of ink and skin. I’m in love.

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  1. Actually, tattoo 6 is from Werewolf the Apocalypse, the role playing game formerly published by White Wolf.

  2. I am getting ready to have a full back piece done of werewolves that i designed and would like to send it to you for consideration on your page in about a month once i get the outline done. Love the pics that you have up here and they are truly very good artwork and choice of tatts!!

  3. there okay but i think i have one of the sickest werewolf tattoo ever,does anyone think werewolf really exist because i do.There has to be more to this world than the crap that is around us.IA’M FROM New York and I cant wait to take a trip to bray road.What can be imagined,the mind seen it from somewhere.

  4. these are awesome but the faces aren’t quite right,I take my hat of to the artists though as I can’t draw at all.still looking for the perfect face and body together for that absolutely ass kicking tat that leaves everyone awed..

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