Three Terrible Werewolf Movies You Can’t Miss

werewoman1. Daughter of a Werewolf aka La lupa mannara – In this nifty Italian film from ’68, after being raped at 15, a young female descendant of werewolves, Daniela, goes on a killing rampage. She starts her rampage with her sister’s new husband Fabian, seducing him, then eating him. A blowjob that ends as badly as it possibly can. She’s imprisoned in a mental institution, but escapes after killing a lesbian patient with a pair of scissors. She falls in love with the perfect man on the outside, but he’s murdered, devastating the emotionally unbalanced Daniela, who runs away to hide in the woods.

werewolf_in_girls_dorm_large2. Werewolf in a Girls’ Dormitory aka Lycanthropus – In this shockingly stupid film from ’61, a young doctor flees from a drama-filled history; an accident which left a young girl dead. The doctor establishes himself as a science professor at a college, but the same day he arrives a woman is mysteriously murdered on her way home from blackmailing a lover. The film turns all who-dun-it soon after, and the doctor and a horny college blond team up to find the killer. The overuse of the deus ex machina proves second only to the over-use of putty for the monster-man, and the combination of 60’s horror fare, mediocre makeup, busty college girls, werewolves and blood, mix up into a tasty souffle of trashy 60’s cinema.

winw3. The Werewolf of Washington – We saved the best for last; this political werewolf film, on the scene since ’73, has all the charm of a hydrocephalic baby in need of a diaper change. Offended? Not yet you aren’t. Pop this DVD in and wait five minutes. Instead of playing up any satirical potential this film insists that it’s serious, damn it! and desperately tries to force tension and drama down your throat.. A young member of the Washington Press Corporation is bitten by a werewolf while on business in Hungary, and promptly bashes its brains in with a cane. A kindly gypsy woman gives him a protective charm, but he flushes it down the toilet once arriving back in the States. What follows, in Scott Stine‘s words, “is Fur & Loathing on the Campaign Trail.”

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